Independence day….the Aftermath!

How was your Independence Day? What did you do to celebrate?

I went with my partner to his family’s home in Azcapotzalco. We went to the fair that was set up around the Town hall and the market, ate a little too much food, drank a little too much beer and then went and had more food and beer with his family. All in all it was a great night!

Here are some pictures I took…before I became too tipsy on the beer.


It sure don’t look pretty…

…but it tastes like heaven.

Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce you all to one of my favorite perks of living in Mexico and specifically Mexico City, Cuitlacoche (also spelled Huitlacoche).

Now before you make a judgement based on the picture, allow me to describe to you what it is and why it is so good.

Cuitlacoche, Corn Smut in english, is an edible fungus that grows on corn during periods of high humidity. The  fungus spores penetrate the kernels and causes them to burst. The result is a blackish blue mushroomy/truffley mass.

Still not convinced? Let me describe to you what it tastes like…

Imagine a traditional truffle with a hint of corn, creamy, delicate and light all at once. Delicate enough in flavour that it is compromising yet also strong enough to stand on its own. This ingredient is heaven in cream soups, quesadillas, or even in the stuffing for the Christmas turkey. It’s versatile and delicious!

I strongly recommend you get some and use it if you already haven’t. You won’t be sorry.

Getting it here in Mexico is not hard at all, but if you live far away, try sourcing it out on the internet.

Have you ever tried Cuitlacoche? What did you think? How did you prepare it?