The “Tortilla Super Hot”

Yesterday afternoon my partner Beto and I went shopping. We were looking for a futon for the spare room. My brother will be arriving here to Mexico from Canada on the 17th and as it is now, he has nowhere to sleep!

We went to Idea Interior  (the Mexican answer to Ikea) at Lomas Verdes in the State of Mexico. We looked high and low in that store and didn’t find anything that was either within our budget or that didn’t look back breakingly uncomfortable. So we began to look at other stuff…

In the kitchen wares section of Idea Interior I came across what I think to be an object of sheer genius! The “Tortilla Super Hot“! Normally in Mexico, tortillas would be warmed up on a comal (a flat metal plate used since pre-Hispanic times for the same purpose), then wrapped in cloth for those who want tortillas with their meal. The problem with this scenario is that the tortillas quickly become cold and hard; enter the Tortilla Super Hot, taking the whole concept to the next level.

Essentially the idea is this; four circles of material sewn together, with space at the ends to slip in the patented self heating pads and a space in between to place the tortillas.

Click the  little metal disks in the heating pads and watch the liquid turn into the heating crystals. Non toxic and non harming, the heating crystals are actually a salt solution. (The same idea as those warming pads we used to slip into our mitts as kids in Canada…yeah, you know what I’m talking about!)

Place the activated heating pads into the pouches with the warmed tortillas and you’re good to go. The company claims that the tortillas can be kept warm for up to 2 hours, which is nothing short of a miracle.

150 pesos well spent!!!

Would you find the Tortilla Super Hot useful or do you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way?


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