We’re number 1!!!!!

….but not for anything worth celebrating.

One of Mexico City’s worst reputations is in regards to its traffic. We’re talking INTERNATIONALLY known and recognized as having the most horrible, stressful and nerve shattering daily congestion on the streets.

This week we were officially recognized for this…dare I say achievement.

IBM’s “2001 Commuter Pain Index” polled drivers from all over the world to see whose daily commute was the most soul crushing, based on the following factors and indicators:

1) Commuting time
2) Time stuck in traffic
3) Price of gas
4) Traffic is getting worse
5) Start/stop traffic
6) Driving causes stress
7) Driving causes anger
8 ) Traffic affects work
9) Traffic so bad driving stopped
10) Decided not to make trip due to traffic.

I live here and see the traffic on a daily basis, I’ve even driven in it on occasion. But what is shocking to me is that it is worse here than in Shanghai or New York. To take first place distinction from every other internationally recognized traffic “hell on earth”; maybe it’s time that we as residents and the government of Mexico City start trying to come up with solutions.

The question of how to prevent grid-lock remains, and according to IBM the solution lays in data. With the use of GPS and road sensors, data can be collected and traffic therefore organized more effectively. Of course this may mean staying at work 20 minutes later or leaving 15 minutes earlier, but the pay off would be the fact that traffic flows smother and less delay in getting from point A to point B.

Does data gathering seem like the most viable option to you? What would you be willing to give up or change in order to improve bad traffic in your city?


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