Cielito Querido Café

My search is over!

Coming from Vancouver I naturally have a great love for Cafés and Café culture. It’s very much a part of who I am as a person that I would meet a friend for coffee after work or prehaps go on a date to the newest cafe. In Vancouver, cafés are community centres where people start, end and celebrate the day.

Here in Mexico….not so much. It’s been changing, slowly but surely, with the market domination of Starbucks. As with many cities in the States and Canada there is a Starbucks on nearly every corner here in Mexico City. That being said, Mexicans are still more likely to meet over a beer or at a restaurant than to go for a coffee to mark a social event.

Maybe that’s about to change.

Today I made my first visit to the proudly Mexican coffee chain, Cielito Querido Café. A 100% Mexican concept, according to their website the mission statement is  to create a “unique retreat inspired by our history and latin warmth, to reinterpret popular culture and to reinvent the experience of drinking a cup of coffee”.

I certainly haven’t felt as happy to be in any other café in a long time. I visited the store at Reforma 234, right beside the shopping centre Reforma 222. As soon as I walked in I was struck by the pleasing esthetic. Dark wood, turquoise accents, signage in a neo-retro stript, sofas and plenty of windows with lots natural daylight.

When I arrived, at about 4:30pm, the store had a steady flow of clientele. The service was quick, knowledgable and friendly. I ordered my Café con leche and a muffin and sat down to surf the web and people watch.

I overwhelmingly give Cielito Querido Café two big thumbs up. I’ll definitely be going back, happy that I can lay claim to a café that I can call my own.

Check out their website to find a café that’s closest to you and let me know what you thought!


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