Happy Birthday To Me

*It’s been ten days since my last post (sorry). So what better excuse to get writing than to talk about what I’ve done to celebrate so far.*

I always have had bad luck on my birthday. Since as far back as my memory stretches August 29th has been cursed. Someone in my family was sick, there was some sort of emergency or bad weather…you name it, it happened! And inevitably my day would be postponed, rearranged or downplayed big time! I’m not bitter about it. I think I just accepted that it is the way it is, a long time ago. Even as an adult something ugly usually happens. Last year, due to the bankruptcy of Mexicana airlines, we had to find a wildly overpriced one-way ticket back to Vancouver for my son. In order that he was home in time for the start of classes, the only flight available to him left on….you guessed it, August 29th. Wasn’t a great day!

This year I wanted to do things differently. I wanted cake, beers and the people who I love the most here in Mexico City to celebrate with me. I asked my partner to plan something and did he ever hook me up. On Saturday the 27th, a group of thirty of my favorite people and myself went to Xochimilco.

For those of you who don’t know, Xochimilco (also known as the Venice of Mexico…it’s a stretch, but hey!) is a suburb in the south of Mexico City. It’s home to one of the last remnants of the lake that originally housed the Aztec island capital of Mexico City, then known as Tenochtitlan. It is a series of interconnecting water ways and floating gardens called Chinampas. The name Xochimilco is an Aztec word compound that translates as “the place where the flowers grow”. To this day Xochimilco is known as the place in Mexico City to get fresh-cut flowers. Once we arrived, we all loaded onto the gondolas and off we went.

We were given the choice to either go on the long route or the short one. We chose the long one which lasted just over 4 hours! And as soon as we were off…out came the drinks and the food and the music!

A good time was had by all, but especially by myself. It was so nice to ring in my 33rd year and have a day to call my own.

*In keeping with tradition, today I was given some really bad work related news. I should feel really jilted but I don’t. I tricked fate and had my day early this year!*


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