Tsimáni – Paper art and so much more.

Meet the owners/creators of one of Mexico City’s most exciting design concepts, Tsimáni STUDIO. Yolanda Reséndiz and Jesús Rentería are the master minds behind the wildly colourful and popular Serpentina Collection, et al.

Both Yolanda and Jesús, being students of Industrial Design at Mexico City’s UAM – XOCHIMILCO, Tsimáni STUDIO was established in 2005 in order for the designers to realize both joint and individual projects. Initially producing jewelry out of rolled strips of colourful paper; they quickly branched out into the production of decorative home pieces such as bowls, mirrors, clocks and vases.

The goal and company ethos from the onset has been to celebrate and honour the time-honored Mexican tradition of handicrafts and creation by intuition. As a company they also aim to respect the environment by using recycled paper and non-aerosol varnishes and using the talents of local house wives and elderly individuals in the community (individuals who may find it more difficult to find traditional work and therefore be in greater need).

I find the stuff by Tsimáni to be delicious. I’ve had dreams of decorating my entire apartment in the art of Tsimáni. (Yes, I’ve been accused of being obsessive in the past…) Many many pieces are on my personal wish list!

If you live in Mexico City, or happen to be visiting anytime soon, I recommend you take a look at the small collection they have in the gift shop at the Museum of Anthropology (Av. Paseo de la Reforma y Calzada Gandhi, Col. Chapultepec Polanco, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo). They can also be contacted through their website or visit them at Perisur until August 12, 2011.

Which is your favorite piece of Tsimáni artwork? Would you buy an item for your home?


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