Here in Mexico City we’re about a month into the rainy season.

I kinda revel in it, unlike back in my hometown of Vancouver Canada, the rain here begins anywhere between 3 or 5pm and carries on for just a few hours. Here the concept of rain 24/7 for 2 or 3 weeks straight just doesn’t exist; so one is allowed the time to reflect and wax poetic on the subject.

In all its glorious and cozy beauty, I will be the first to admit that should you be caught out in a downpour without an umbrella…it’s not so pretty anymore. When it rains here…it rains HARD! We’re talking about “smacks the pavement and jumps back up at you” kinda fury! The hail that often come with it can be a bummer if caught unprepared.

But let’s just imagine being inside your home, cup of hot tea in hand, warm blanket wrapped around you shoulders, staring out the window and watching the rain bounce off the balcony. Now you know what I’m talking about.

And maybe the best of all is how the city smells early the next morning…clean!

Interesting fact: Average rainfall totals are between 600 to 1000 mm/year with July being the wettest month.

Have you experienced rain in Mexico City? Any good stories to tell?


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