Enrique Ježik and the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC)

This past sunday my partner and I went to the Museo Universitaria de Arte Contemporáneo at Mexico City’s UNAM. (Something I had never done before.) Having previously read reviews online I knew I was in for a treat. MUAC did not dissapoint!

The main exhibit was a collection of previous installations by Argentine artist Enrique Ježik (born in Córdoba, Argentina, 1961 and residing in Mexico City since 1990). The exhibit is called in spanish “Obstruir, Destruir, Ocultar” or “Obstruct, Destroy, Hide/Cover Up”. At first glance I thought I was looking at props from the set of the Hostel series. What looked to be electric chairs, a severed arm in a large fish tank, cages and what appeared to be other devices of torture.

The look was dark, industrial and intense in its message. The space was minimal and seemingly devoid of life or anything that would be necessary sustain it. It really was the epitome of destruction and it’s consequences. Yet in all its bleak austerity I walked away thinking “at least I know now that it doesn’t have to be this way”. The extreme representations of violence were a loud wake up call for me personally that this is NOT a world I would ever want to inhabit. I’m not sure if the work of Enrique Ježik is meant to be a wake up call to those who see his work…but that’s certainly how I took it.

Moving on from the brilliant work of Enrique Ježik, the Museum had a number of decidedly more lighthearted pieces of artwork to take in. By artists whose names I stupidly didn’t make note of (all the more reason to back I say).

Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite pieces:

If you’ve never been to MUAC and you live in Mexico City or plan on visiting I HIGHLY recommend you visit! The space is truly an inspiration. (And after filling yourself up on culture you can go fill your belly at the restaurant! I recommend the Parmesan Chicken, which was fried heaven.)


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