First Post

My Grandparents were recently here in Mexico City visiting me for 2 weeks. It was because of their visit that I got the idea to do this blog.

You see, I love my Grandparents, they really are the best. However, through no fault of their own they have been educated by the media that Mexico is all Drug Trafficking, Zapatistas, Montezuma’s revenge and at best Indigenous women wearing Huipiles, making tortillas for their 12 children while the husbands try to cross the Rio Grande. All of it sensationalism to fill news paper columns and sells magazines.

For those of us who actually live here we can tell you that Mexico is indeed SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS! The colour, the laughter, the shouting, the smell of street food, the history, a Mexican artist receiving international recognition for the first time, the church that houses a miraculous saint, the salsa that is so hot you actually cry when you eat it! All these are just a few examples of why millions of people are happy and proud to call Mexico home…myself included.

It’s easy to become frustrated here by the corruption, and the crime, no one is denying that these things exist. But as my wise old Grandma taught me as a child “dwelling on the negative gets you nowhere”. Any developing country will have challenges to overcome; what gives me a great sense of joy and optimism for Mexico is the fact that I see that Mexicans want change despite the fact that change is a slow process. No one is giving up on the dream. So here’s to seeing the bright side, the optimistic side and the interesting side of Mexico. ¡Cheers!

El Zócalo


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